Fall 2017: How it All Began

In the small, mountain town of South Fork, Colorado, a citizens group got together to add holiday cheer to the bare Aspen trees at the South Fork Visitors Center. The group realized that the meager town budget, which supports a town manager and staff, a public works division and a police department, would not permit such a project. So, they got to work asking for donations.


The group, known as the Yuletide Committee was comprised of individuals and business owners — all with a desire to see South Fork shine in the winter months. Plus, the committee wanted to:

  • Make lighting the trees an annual celebration on the Friday after Thanksgiving

  • Create a warm, inviting setting to kick off the holiday season

  • Add Christmas carolers, bonfires, hot cocoa and Santa Clause

Two months of fundraising resulted in over $7,000 — all private funds from people like you who simply chose to contribute to a community cause.

Finally, the Friday after Thanksgiving arrived. At dusk, a countdown took place, and the master switch was flipped. Suddenly, everyone witnessed beautiful trees draped in red, green, blue and white lights, which caused everyone to cheer loudly. You should have been there!


The Yuletide Committee had achieved a beautiful and peaceful setting of holiday lights with a town celebration as icing on the cake. South Fork now shares this wonder of lights with you and the rest of the world from the December holidays through the March ski season.